When the mood strikes you don’t want to waste time searching for what you want in the nightstand. That’s why we invented My Private Pillow. Now, you can keep any item you might want for that moment in My Private Pillow, securely tucked away.

It works simply. A patent leather like compartment within My Private Pillow offers a discreet place to store passion enhancers. The pillow’s compartment also provides quick access should you need to retrieve an item.



Simply use the compartment inside My Private Pillow to store any item you might want to keep hidden or private. The clasp allows you to shut it—just place the pillow on your bed, and no one will be the wiser!  

With our patented Safety Sound technology, the pillow features a clasp that snaps open and shut.  This clasp ensures The Privacy Pillow will never open unless you are consciously accessing its hidden compartment.

My Private Pillow™
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